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A Stylish Crib January-February 2018

A Stylish Crib

Top tips from nursery designers on setting up a sweet crib.

Homemade Holidays November-December 2017

Homemade Holidays

Create warm memories with old-fashioned, homemade decorations and goodies. DIY guru Kim Thacker shows us how.

A Room of Your Own September-October 2017

A Room of Your Own

“She shed” supplies pretty sanctuary.

DIY Candles September-October 2017

DIY Candles

Infuse candles with favorite scents and colors.

A Cottage-Style Window Box July-August 2017

A Cottage-Style Window Box

Display your favorite blooms in a window box.

Bold Bathroom July-August 2017

Bold Bathroom

Brighten and embolden your bathroom.

Chalk Up a Win May-June 2017

Chalk Up a Win

Act like a kid again with chalk paint.

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Gift Giving November-December 2016

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Gift Giving

Ensure your present is heartfelt and handmade through these DIY gifts.

Add Joy to Your Door November-December 2016

Add Joy to Your Door

Deck the halls and your doors with festive decor.