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Saramonies January-February 2016


Customer knowledge is key to customized Saramonies.

The Harsh Realities About New Year’s Resolutions January-February 2016

The Harsh Realities About New Year’s Resolutions

Find resolutions hard to keep? You’re part of a big club.

Preserving Wild Florida May-June 2015

Preserving Wild Florida

Saving 'Old' Florida

The Bye Week September-October 2014

The Bye Week

Your first task before planning any fall social event should be consulting the Seminole football schedule.

Recognizing Relationships July-August 2014

Recognizing Relationships

Domestic partnerships in Leon County.

The Great Commission July-August 2014

The Great Commission

Building relationships, spreading the gospel.

An Act of Faith March-April 2014

An Act of Faith

The construction and building of St. Peter' church.

Jazz Comeback March-April 2014

Jazz Comeback

All the different events and locations that host jazz music