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From Rio to the Delta January-February 2018

From Rio to the Delta

Blue Tavern is new mecca for local musicians and music-lovers.

No ‘Garden Variety’ Gal January-February 2018

No ‘Garden Variety’ Gal

Everything’s coming up roses for Annette McGuffey.

Dying is easy; comedy is hard January-February 2018

Dying is easy; comedy is hard

Hey, Tallahassee, why are you laughing?

Sometimes they’ll even say ‘yes’ January-February 2018

Sometimes they’ll even say ‘yes’

Local book publishers have a way with words.

A Piece of the Soul January-February 2018

A Piece of the Soul

Artist O.L. Samuels has gone to his promised land, but he left some of his soul here.

Season’s Greetings November-December 2017

Season’s Greetings

Surprise your friends and family and recognize their holiday traditions by sending them one-of-a-kind holiday greeting cards.

Baristas You Should Know November-December 2017

Baristas You Should Know

Meet the baristas who hold your caffeine life in their hands

Kat’s Out  of the Bag November-December 2017

Kat’s Out of the Bag

Kat’s out of the bag and in your ear.

Take It Outside November-December 2017

Take It Outside

Public murals grab eyes, stop traffic and spark conversations.

All is Flux November-December 2017

All is Flux

Ancient stones tell secrets of an ambitious man’s legacy.