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Tallahassee as a Lassie July-August 2014

Tallahassee as a Lassie

How Our ‘Girl Next Door’ Has Grown Up

Me an’ Dad on the Rocks May-June 2014

Me an’ Dad on the Rocks

A Remembrance, Just in Time for Father’s Day

A Very Random Christmas November-December 2013

A Very Random Christmas

Spending holidays with the "randoms."

Making Friends And Keeping Them Treasured September-October 2013

Making Friends And Keeping Them Treasured

Making friends and making those friendships last a lifetime.

Professional Bridesmaid July-August 2013

Professional Bridesmaid

Want to be a Bridesmaid? Here’s the Job Description.

Golf Gear Galore May-June 2013

Golf Gear Galore

Exploring the latest in golf gear is fun, but if the sport is going to survive, it must evolve.

The Back Roads of Memory March-April 2013

The Back Roads of Memory

In early 1987 I was 16 and got my license to drive. What could top the electric sense of freedom that comes with having an operator’s license? Owning my First Car, of course.

Rabid, or Not Rabid? January-February 2013

Rabid, or Not Rabid?

If you aren’t 110 percent certain who the cat is or that you’re willing to die in a rabid stupor, take the shots.