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From the Editor March-April 2014

From the Editor

A letter from the editor of Tallahassee Magazine

Holidays and Toilet Paper November-December 2013

Holidays and Toilet Paper

Warm Christmas memories...

What a Difference 25 Miles Makes September-October 2013

What a Difference 25 Miles Makes

Leon County ranked eighth healthiest in the state. Our neighbor to the west, Gadsden County, didn’t fare nearly as well, ranking 63rd out of 67.

The People Who Stop July-August 2013

The People Who Stop

The End of Another Era May-June 2013

The End of Another Era

I’ve written my last check for tuition, room, board, technical fees, health fees, athletic fees and the myriad other nickel-and-dime assessments associated with attending a state school.

My Housing Crisis March-April 2013

My Housing Crisis

The Great Recession really did a number on the real estate business, turning that house-as-a-good-investment lore on its head.

Shades of Grey January-February 2013

Shades of Grey

Resolutions aren't always so black and white … there's always shades of grey.

The Other Holiday November-December 2012

The Other Holiday

We devoted a lot of real estate to the holiday that comes before the “real” holidays — Veteran’s Day. Much more than a day off, its a day of remembrance.

Living La Vida Online September-October 2012

Living La Vida Online

I wrote about Facebook within a year after Mark Zuckerberg started “The Facebook” and signed up as soon as you didn’t need a dot-edu email to join.