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High Fidelity Hearing January-February 2015

High Fidelity Hearing

“Looping in” the hearing impaired.

Progress for Players July-August 2014

Progress for Players

New Sports Injury Monitoring Device Has Ties to Southeast

Not Just an Age Thing May-June 2014

Not Just an Age Thing

Arthritis: It’s not just for old folks anymore.

Ignoring ‘Doctor’s Orders’ March-April 2014

Ignoring ‘Doctor’s Orders’

Your roles and responsibilities when it comes to listening to your doctor.

Electronic Cigarettes: Better? January-February 2014

Electronic Cigarettes: Better?

The pros and cons of e-cigarettes.

Should We Use Genetic Testing? July-August 2013

Should We Use Genetic Testing?

Genetic Testing Offers Answers, But Should We Be Asking the Questions?

Big Bend Hospice Celebrates 30 Years May-June 2013

Big Bend Hospice Celebrates 30 Years

Big Bend Hospice goes beyond basic end-of-life care with programs for music therapy, respite care, camps and bereavement services.

Your Heart, Your Health January-February 2013

Your Heart, Your Health

Here are some statistics on the cost of cardiovascular disease and how you can learn to prevent it by eating and living better.