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Wearable Tech July-August 2014

Wearable Tech

Check your fitness all day long.

Back to the Barre May-June 2014

Back to the Barre

Belly up to a barre workout.

Extreme Fitness March-April 2014

Extreme Fitness

All about extreme fitness and how to make a better you.

Welcome to the Stick-On Relief Revolution September-October 2013

Welcome to the Stick-On Relief Revolution

This tape makes muscles work better.

Earlybird Exercise May-June 2013

Earlybird Exercise

Get in the habit of morning workouts, and reap the benefits all day long with these four tips.

Tunes to Get You Moving March-April 2013

Tunes to Get You Moving

If our playlist didn't get you moving, one of these is sure to do the trick. Shoes, smoothies or tunes — find what gets you motivated, get out and go!

20 Minutes to Tone March-April 2013

20 Minutes to Tone

If you find yourself with 20+ minutes you want to devote to exercise, add in a few more workouts and you'll be in that coveted bikini before you can blink!

Hip Workout Gear March-April 2013

Hip Workout Gear

Working out never goes out of style, in fact it only gets more and more high tech and hip. Check out our short list. You'll want to grab this gear and get moving!

Sand Volleyball March-April 2013

Sand Volleyball

With sunshine, Jimmy Buffet tunes and tanned young women playing in the sand: Florida State University’s sand volleyball team brings the beach to Tallahassee.

15 Minutes to Tone March-April 2013

15 Minutes to Tone

Even the busiest schedule has 15 minutes available somewhere — learn to maximize, and you’ll be in your favorite skinnies in no time!