Archive of: Newsmakers



All is Flux November-December 2017

All is Flux

Ancient stones tell secrets of an ambitious man’s legacy.

A Breath of Fresh Air March-April 2017

A Breath of Fresh Air

Venvi Art Gallery focuses on color and creativity.

Drum Roll March-April 2017

Drum Roll

Tallahassee making noise as a music town.

The Message of the Gumbo January-February 2017

The Message of the Gumbo

Bill Wharton sings and cooks like a boss.

Ravages of War January-February 2017

Ravages of War

Perfume River follows veterans from Vietnam to Tallahassee.

Lifelong Learner January-February 2017

Lifelong Learner

Master gardener, Bobby Bowden, shows off his green thumb.

Bookworms Inch Toward Midtown  November-December 2016

Bookworms Inch Toward Midtown

Bookworms rejoice! Tallahassee introduces locally owned bookstore.

Eclectic & Eccentric September-October 2016

Eclectic & Eccentric

Curtain call! Getting to know the cast of characters at Mickee Faust Club.

Preparing to Launch September-October 2016

Preparing to Launch

Dr. Roscoe Hightower facilitates and manages students in and out of the classroom.