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Backyard Camping March-April 2014

Backyard Camping

The perks to backyard camping.

Parenting from a Distance January-February 2014

Parenting from a Distance

The challenges of long-distance parenting.

Bad Elf (on the Shelf) November-December 2013

Bad Elf (on the Shelf)

“Naughty” elves belong in the corner, not on the shelf.

A Dad's Guide to Girls July-August 2013

A Dad's Guide to Girls

A Playbook for Fatherhood.

Getting Your Child Ready for Camp May-June 2013

Getting Your Child Ready for Camp

For parents, many questions surround overnight camp — the main one being, “How do I get my child ready to go?”

Foreign Influence March-April 2013

Foreign Influence

It’s easy to be the host family for a foreign “exchange” student. Teenagers from another country are just like the ones in your home right now: They talk in their own language, have their own rules and need to be taught where to put their dirty clothes.

Saying ‘Thanks’ November-December 2012

Saying ‘Thanks’

Kids’ rules for saying “thank you.” Is the handwritten thank you note an absolute must or hopelessly passé? Our readers sent us their thoughts.

Love.Read.Learn! Journal September-October 2012

Love.Read.Learn! Journal

A helpful gift for moms and babies.