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‘Call’s Railroad’ March-April 2012

‘Call’s Railroad’

Spurred By Wealthy Planters and Investors, the Short-Line Tallahassee Rail Road Became Indispensable in Peace and War

Hajo, Revisited March-April 2012

Hajo, Revisited

A man, and the Florida panther he always remembered

The Bomb in the Bushes May-June 2009

The Bomb in the Bushes

An “explosive” discovery led a local couple to uncover the history behind their property.

Searching for Gloria Jahoda May-June 2008

Searching for Gloria Jahoda

A quest to find the ‘outsider’ writer who captured the spirit of North Florida

The Miracle in Within You September-October 2005

The Miracle in Within You

Grazyna Bergman’s story continues, as she and her mother seek to escape occupied Poland to reunite with her father.

Trapped in Poland July-August 2005

Trapped in Poland

Grazyna Bergman was born into a hostile world. Her parents’ marriage began as a fairy tale, only to be turned upside-down by war.