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The Ear of the Beholder May-June 2013

The Ear of the Beholder

‘Offbeat’ musical instruments find a home in eclectic Tallahassee.

Seven Déjà vu January-February 2013

Seven Déjà vu

Popular artists from festivals past return for a Seven Days of Opening Nights Encore: Tallahassee’s signature cultural event.

A Taste for Fruit November-December 2012

A Taste for Fruit

Art collector Richard Puckett covets one artistic subject, created 70 different ways.

Spotlight: Handmade wreaths November-December 2012

Spotlight: Handmade wreaths

Buy a Wreath, Support Our Seniors. Join us for “Deck the Halls” a holiday fundraiser to benefit the Tallahassee Senior Center

We’ve Got Art in Public Places September-October 2012

We’ve Got Art in Public Places

Around town there are more than 140 sculptures, murals and windows, memorials and monuments. And now, for the first time, there is an online guide.

Bring On The Brass July-August 2012

Bring On The Brass

Local Band Thinks It’s Time for Their Big Brass Sound

Vinyl Resurgence May-June 2012

Vinyl Resurgence

Sharod Bines and business partner Bradley Ellison promise an old-school experience at RetroFit Records, including vinyl records, new and used, as well as music-related conversation.

Musical Mecca March-April 2012

Musical Mecca

Way down upon the Suwannee River, you’ll find great music festivals

Art Meets Business January-February 2012

Art Meets Business

It’s an office building! It’s an art gallery! 1020 Lafayette is both!

Book Town March-April 2010

Book Town

A Bigger, Better Conference for Readers and Writers Seeks to Put Tallahassee on the Bibliophile’s Map