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Bards of Tallahassee March-April 2017

Bards of Tallahassee

The Southern Shakespeare Festival brings the bard’s works to life.

Full STEAM Ahead March-April 2017

Full STEAM Ahead

Arts curriculum complements science instruction.

Verse-atile March-April 2017


Three poets share sources of inspiration.

In The Round January-February 2017

In The Round

Word on the street is, Word of South is back.

Here We Come A-caroling! November-December 2016

Here We Come A-caroling!

Falalalala’s are in the air as carolers take the stage and streets.

Holiday Stories November-December 2016

Holiday Stories

Here are few books more heartwarming than a treasured holiday tale.

A Bounty of Ballet November-December 2016

A Bounty of Ballet

A winter wonderland is overtaking Tallahassee with an abundance of holiday performances.

Brush & Palette November-December 2016

Brush & Palette

Brush & Palette allows you to unleash your inner Picasso.

Bookworms Inch Toward Midtown  November-December 2016

Bookworms Inch Toward Midtown

Bookworms rejoice! Tallahassee introduces locally owned bookstore.

Eclectic & Eccentric September-October 2016

Eclectic & Eccentric

Curtain call! Getting to know the cast of characters at Mickee Faust Club.