Archive of: Day Trips



Rolling for Science January-February 2015

Rolling for Science

Science education takes to the road.

The Friendly Vulture September-October 2014

The Friendly Vulture

The ugly vulture’s winning ways.

Town, Meet Gown September-October 2014

Town, Meet Gown

Time for a College Night Out.

Spend a Night Out in Thomasville, Georgia July-August 2014

Spend a Night Out in Thomasville, Georgia

Date night in Thomasville.

Fuego! May-June 2014


How to make a cannon go boom!

The Thrill of Kiteboarding July-August 2013

The Thrill of Kiteboarding

A sport that takes you to new heights

Monarch  of the Spring March-April 2013

Monarch of the Spring

Spring is a magical time of rebirth in the woods. Plants and animals shake off the waning grasp of winter. Many mating rituals unfold in the animal world, including the wild turkeys.

Cool-Weather Camping January-February 2013

Cool-Weather Camping

Pitch a tent this winter … it's a great time to not-so-rough it in Northwest Florida's State Parks.