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State of Preparedness March-April 2017

State of Preparedness

Prepare for the worst with an at-home emergency kit.

Beautiful Birdhouses January-February 2017

Beautiful Birdhouses

Build a birdhouse and they will come.

Been there, done that? January-February 2017

Been there, done that?

Having déjà vu, again? Here’s why.

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Gift Giving November-December 2016

The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Gift Giving

Ensure your present is heartfelt and handmade through these DIY gifts.

Add Joy to Your Door November-December 2016

Add Joy to Your Door

Deck the halls and your doors with festive decor.

Skeeters Buggin’ You? September-October 2016

Skeeters Buggin’ You?

Be your own Batman with a custom made bat house

4 Must-Have Beach Reads July-August 2016

4 Must-Have Beach Reads

Here are pages worth turning beneath the high, blue skies of summer.

In the Dog House July-August 2016

In the Dog House

The toughest part about building a dog house may be selling Fido on the idea.

Here Comes the Sun July-August 2016

Here Comes the Sun

Solar panels save energy bucks in Sunshine State

Hole-istic Recreation May-June 2016

Hole-istic Recreation

Cornhole sets are easily made at home and are readily customizable.