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Parched Plants? September-October 2015

Parched Plants?

Wise ways to water.

Weed or Wildflower? March-April 2015

Weed or Wildflower?

You are the boss of your own garden.

Camellia Aficionados Converge on Tallahassee January-February 2015

Camellia Aficionados Converge on Tallahassee

Camellia lovers come to town.

What’s Your Composting Style? January-February 2015

What’s Your Composting Style?

DIY dirt with composting.

Curse of the Armadillo September-October 2014

Curse of the Armadillo

Armadillos can be a mixed blessing for lawns and gardens.

A Tribute to Florida’s Mighty Muscadine July-August 2014

A Tribute to Florida’s Mighty Muscadine

FAMU’s grape festival offers a stomping good time.

Rose Know-How May-June 2014

Rose Know-How

Beautiful roses need special care.

Spring Explosion March-April 2014

Spring Explosion

A Q&A about growing Azaleas in the springtime in Tallahassee.

Companion Planting January-February 2014

Companion Planting

Companion planting is a smart idea with a long history.

Poinsettias Pointers November-December 2013

Poinsettias Pointers

Tips for making your holiday poinsettia last.