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Make an iPhone Fashion Statement September-October 2012

Make an iPhone Fashion Statement

iDope makes its mark as a business for the customization and repair of iPhones and iPads.

The Fixer July-August 2012

The Fixer

Indie filmmaker Fred Rabbath makes the most of his outside perspective.

Wild Florida July-August 2012

Wild Florida

Leslie Peebles creates surprisingly detailed pictures carved on linoleum, made into block prints using black ink then hand colored.

A Start In Art May-June 2012

A Start In Art

Website Plays Matchmaker for a Haitian Painter and a Would-Be Collector

Art Meets Business January-February 2012

Art Meets Business

It’s an office building! It’s an art gallery! 1020 Lafayette is both!

Think Globally, Bead Locally January-February 2012

Think Globally, Bead Locally

Team Unity creates jobs by teaching the craft of jewelry making

Florida 4-H Turns Five Score May-June 2009

Florida 4-H Turns Five Score

4-H celebrates 100 years of uniting heads, hearts, hands and health in Florida and around the globe.