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Fish Art That’s Impressive March-April 2014

Fish Art That’s Impressive

The process of how Fred Fisher turn fish into pieces of art.

Grant Peeples; Songwriter January-February 2014

Grant Peeples; Songwriter

At age 50, Grant Peeples 'revises’ his resume to include singing, too.

Fired Up About Glass January-February 2013

Fired Up About Glass

Women who practice the art of glass. Interested? Find out where you too can see and buy glass art.

Smile, you’re on Live! In Tallahassee September-October 2012

Smile, you’re on Live! In Tallahassee

Hosts Ann Howard and Joel Silver are always on the lookout for good times to highlight in their “Live! In Tallahassee” television show.

25 Years of Mickee Faust September-October 2012

25 Years of Mickee Faust

The self-described “community theater for the weird community” is a rollicking, raucous and occasionally randy cabaret show with a serious message.

Make an iPhone Fashion Statement September-October 2012

Make an iPhone Fashion Statement

iDope makes its mark as a business for the customization and repair of iPhones and iPads.

The Fixer July-August 2012

The Fixer

Indie filmmaker Fred Rabbath makes the most of his outside perspective.

Wild Florida July-August 2012

Wild Florida

Leslie Peebles creates surprisingly detailed pictures carved on linoleum, made into block prints using black ink then hand colored.

A Start In Art May-June 2012

A Start In Art

Website Plays Matchmaker for a Haitian Painter and a Would-Be Collector