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The Florida Highwaymen July-August 2016

The Florida Highwaymen

Uniquely Florida art was sold first from the trunks of cars.

John Birch Creates New Life for Old Wood May-June 2016

John Birch Creates New Life for Old Wood

Chainsaw artist John Birch transforms Mother Nature.

Beautiful Swan May-June 2016

Beautiful Swan

Anjali Austin celebrates the crumbling of ballet’s color barrier.

Second Chances May-June 2016

Second Chances

Reggie Garcia on felons working to find a new place in society.

The Indefatigable Avis Berry May-June 2016

The Indefatigable Avis Berry

The jazz singer is a teacher, too — and a librarian.

The Music Woman May-June 2016

The Music Woman

After 38 years, Leon High School choral music teacher Judy Arthur is retiring her pitch pipe.

Prairie Park Reptile May-June 2016

Prairie Park Reptile

A captivating image of a gator caught sunning on a mild March day.

21st Century Masterpieces July-August 2015

21st Century Masterpieces

Digital innovators create things of practical beauty.