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Cheeseburger Sliders January-February 2018

Cheeseburger Sliders

Make-ahead sliders are super snacks for Superbowl parties.

Eggs on the Beach July-August 2017

Eggs on the Beach

Get stoked for summertime barbecues

Grilling Gurus July-August 2017

Grilling Gurus

Be the envy of your neighbors with sizzling summer barbecues.

Libations March-April 2017


Think of gin as flavored vodka.

Palate Pleasures May-June 2016

Palate Pleasures

The Pleasure Palate Dinner was positively palatial.

Tabletop Bonding May-June 2015

Tabletop Bonding

Lofty Pursuits presents Monday game night.

Tastes of the Season November-December 2014

Tastes of the Season

How to spice up your home for the holidays.

Candy Corn-ucopia September-October 2014

Candy Corn-ucopia

A brief look at candy corn.

Snack Time Dilemma July-August 2014

Snack Time Dilemma

Suggestions for snack day treats.

Maintaining Etiquette in the Face of Dietary Restrictions November-December 2013

Maintaining Etiquette in the Face of Dietary Restrictions

A host’s dilemma: catering to food preferences.