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TMH Golden Gala January-February 2018

TMH Golden Gala

Months of planning lead up to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare’s signature fundraising event of the year.

Bookworms Inch Toward Midtown  November-December 2016

Bookworms Inch Toward Midtown

Bookworms rejoice! Tallahassee introduces locally owned bookstore.

The In (Genius) Pen January-February 2016

The In (Genius) Pen

Smartpen simplifies note taking.

January-February 2016

January/February 2016 Agenda

Awards, accolades, promotions and other news of note.

Is Bitcoin Legit Coin? September-October 2015

Is Bitcoin Legit Coin?

After a shady start, it's redeemed itself.

A Shadow of Apalachicola’s Past July-August 2015

A Shadow of Apalachicola’s Past

After 70 years, sponge diving has returned to Apalachicola.