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A Cottage-Style Window Box July-August 2017

A Cottage-Style Window Box

Display your favorite blooms in a window box.

Bold Bathroom July-August 2017

Bold Bathroom

Brighten and embolden your bathroom.

Outdoor Living May-June 2017

Outdoor Living

Paving the way for an outdoor oasis.

Chalk Up a Win May-June 2017

Chalk Up a Win

Act like a kid again with chalk paint.

The Joy of Koi March-April 2017

The Joy of Koi

Fish add a certain “je ne sais koi” to backyard ponds.

State of Preparedness March-April 2017

State of Preparedness

Prepare for the worst with an at-home emergency kit.

Multifunctional Furniture March-April 2017

Multifunctional Furniture

Multi-functional designs are overtaking the furniture world.

Starting Your Garden From Seeds on The Cheap January-February 2017

Starting Your Garden From Seeds on The Cheap

Prep for garden chores and part with pests.

Beautiful Birdhouses January-February 2017

Beautiful Birdhouses

Build a birdhouse and they will come.

A Mailbox’s Message January-February 2017

A Mailbox’s Message

You’ve got mail! Make over your mailbox.