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Where The Birds Are September-October 2014

Where The Birds Are

We’re living in a birding paradise.

Flowers with Staying Power July-August 2014

Flowers with Staying Power

Perennials that can take the summer heat.

A Touch of Modern Décor July-August 2014

A Touch of Modern Décor

Looks for the modern home.

Downsizing to Smaller Homes Is the New Trend July-August 2014

Downsizing to Smaller Homes Is the New Trend

A bigger house isn’t always better.

Rose Know-How May-June 2014

Rose Know-How

Beautiful roses need special care.

Set Sail! May-June 2014

Set Sail!

Nautical looks, ahoy!

Tastefully Masculine May-June 2014

Tastefully Masculine

Decorating with men in mind.

Spring Explosion March-April 2014

Spring Explosion

A Q&A about growing Azaleas in the springtime in Tallahassee.

The Stylish Home Office January-February 2014

The Stylish Home Office

Hints for an organized home office.