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Big Bend Hospice Celebrates 30 Years May-June 2013

Big Bend Hospice Celebrates 30 Years

Big Bend Hospice goes beyond basic end-of-life care with programs for music therapy, respite care, camps and bereavement services.

Earlybird Exercise May-June 2013

Earlybird Exercise

Get in the habit of morning workouts, and reap the benefits all day long with these four tips.

Sand Volleyball March-April 2013

Sand Volleyball

With sunshine, Jimmy Buffet tunes and tanned young women playing in the sand: Florida State University’s sand volleyball team brings the beach to Tallahassee.

15 Minutes to Tone March-April 2013

15 Minutes to Tone

Even the busiest schedule has 15 minutes available somewhere — learn to maximize, and you’ll be in your favorite skinnies in no time!

Behind the Scenes January-February 2013

Behind the Scenes

It’s a fixed cycle, but there’s nothing stationary about this bike! Hop on a RealRyder at Sweat Therapy for an exciting hour of exercise.

Your Heart, Your Health January-February 2013

Your Heart, Your Health

Here are some statistics on the cost of cardiovascular disease and how you can learn to prevent it by eating and living better.

Just a Mood … Or More? January-February 2013

Just a Mood … Or More?

Early warning signs of depression in children and what you can do to prevent and treat it.

The Party’s Over, My Friend November-December 2012

The Party’s Over, My Friend

Hangover advice. Bust the myths and try these helpful tips to feel better after your next big soiree.

The ‘Hag Phenomenon’ November-December 2012

The ‘Hag Phenomenon’

Recurring sleep paralysis might be a symptom of a deeper sleep disorder. Are your sleep-wake cycles normal?

Meningitis No Stranger to Tallahassee September-October 2012

Meningitis No Stranger to Tallahassee

In the fall of 2009, 18-year-old Lawson Mayfield was rushed to the hospital with what she thought was a migraine. Twenty-four hours later, she was dead.