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Reaching New Heights July-August 2016

Reaching New Heights

Rock-climbing gym helps enthusiasts strengthen grip on confidence.

Yoga Your Way May-June 2016

Yoga Your Way

Yoga, around for ages, is showing up in new places.

Not Just Skin Deep March-April 2016

Not Just Skin Deep

Dermal needs get a second glance.

Let Yourself Breathe September-October 2015

Let Yourself Breathe

Think about meditation for your health.

Healthy Halloween September-October 2015

Healthy Halloween

Taking the sweet out of 'trick or treat.'

‘Micro’ Medical September-October 2015

‘Micro’ Medical

The full health care picture crafted though these stories.

Summer Foot Care May-June 2015

Summer Foot Care

Pros offer suggestions for healthy feet.

Your Dirty Mouth May-June 2015

Your Dirty Mouth

Periodontal disease can cause health problems far beyond your teeth.